Quill (VR) to Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create an animated short film with the Quill to Unreal Engine pipeline based on the “Voodoo Eye" short film I created during the EPIC animation bootcamp. Check it out here: https://vimeo.com/854957356.

Together we will go through alle steps mentioned here to finally have a good understanding of the whole process.

This tutorial is intended for Unreal Engine beginners with basic knowledge about short film creation and 3D software.


Part 1: (3 min)

  • 1.      Intro to EPIC bootcamp “VoodooEyeScene” Project

Part 2: Quill (VR Software) (14 min)

  • 1.      Setup Quill scene (layer sorting, fps, baking, rigs)
  • 2.      Export settings Quill

Part 3: Unreal Engine (12 min.)

  • 1.      Intro to the Unreal “VoodooEyeScene”
  • 2.      Basic setup of HUD for movie creation

Part 4: Unreal Engine Scene Setup: (50 min.)

  • 3.      Unreal Engine scene setup
  • 4.      Import Quill assets (Alembic, FBX and setup)
  • 5.      Material setup (Vertex colors, Transpacency, Advanced Materials)
  • 6.      Camera setup (camera cuts, DOF)
  • 7.      Sequence editor animation
  • 8.      Postprocessing volume and Lights (effects)
  • 9.      Export & Renderquere Manager setup (antialiasing, cinema settings)
  • 10.  Connect VR Headset and checkout Scene in VR

File Content:

1.      The full video tutorial in 4 parts ( English + English auto genereated subtitles)

2.      “VOODOO EYE” Unreal Engine 5.2 scene + all Assets

3.      Quill scene

Recommended Soft/Hardware (optional):

Unreal Engine 5.2 or newer

Oculus Rift/Quest/Quest 2

Quill (Oculus)


How to install:

Copy the UE scene into your Unreal Engine Scenes Folder and open it.

Copy the Quill scene into your preferred Quill folder and open it.


If you want to use it commercially or as a professional buy the professional version. Thanks!

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Quill (VR) to Unreal Engine 5 Tutorial

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